Branded pens personalised with a company logo and contact details that are given away at events, conferences, to clients, or as a handy on brand stationery item, regardless of there use they remain one of our most popular promotional products to this day due to there practicality, low costs, and undoubted value for money.

For as little as £0.08 you can now have branded pencils printed with your company logo and contact details on to hand out and effectively advertise and promote your business.

Let’s face it, we all loose our pens at work! Or rather someone in the office likes to “borrow” our pens! So when a supplier comes into visit you and as if by a miracle brings in a goodie bag and freebie pen they are going to be a life saver!

We have a wide selection of low cost budget promotional pens, all the way through to high end metal parker pens laser engraved with your company logo.

For more information, advice, or to request a quotation for your company branded promotional pens or pencils simply fill out one of our online contact forms, drop us an email, or call one of our friendly UK account managers on 020 3150 2239.