Printed pencils have been a practical writing instrument and promotional giveaway for longer than many of us care to imagine, with the first pencil being created in the year 1564! And although we have now seen a soar in promotional biro pens now being personalised with company logos, there is still very much a place for branded company pencils printed with company logos!

Personalised company pencils are very popular with creative agencies and graphic designers and also make a perfect promotional giveaway for artists as led pencils are an everyday tool of there trade when sketching ideas and concepts in journals and notebooks.

Custom printed pencils also come in very useful as a practical personalised stationery item within schools as in Primary School young children are taught to write and draw with pencils at a young age and so why not have your own custom printed School pencils personalised with the Schools logo!

No matter which style of custom printed wooden pencils that you require for your business here at Totally Branded our dedicated team are on hand and ready to help, contact us today to request your free promotional pencil samples to try before you buy.