Promotional Pencils – Worthy alternative to Branded Pens?

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Promotional Pencils – Worthy alternative to Branded Pens? The traditional pencil is iconic for many young people today as one of the most important pieces of equipment we are introduced to when being taught to write our first words at school.
As we grow older for many of us the iconic pencil still plays a very important role in our professions, from artists, architects, golf professionals, carpenters, composers, and even pilots!
Like everything nowadays the traditional pencil has evolved over the years to the point where you can now choose from such a wide variety of shapes, styles, colours, finishes, and designs of a pencil. When walking into a high street stationery shop the choice is literally endless! And the choice is just as extensive when looking at branded promotional pencils, nowadays when companies are looking to add their logo to a pencil they really are spoilt for choice! From Flexi Pencils, Growing Pencils, Mini Pencil’s, Mechanical Pencils, Coloured Pencil Sets, Recycled Pencils, Carpenters Pencils, and so much more! There seems to be a promotional pencil for everyone!
Whilst we are on the subject of pencils, a little-known pencil fact is that they can also write under water!
For anyone considering adding their logo to a promotional pencil we have created this weeks blog for you, with so much choice out there when it comes to branded pencils we felt it would be helpful to pick out our top five best selling pencils as a quick guide to what’s hot.
Black Knight WE Pencil 
The Black Knight offers an executive, matt black, pencil produced from solid black wood throughout! Each pencil has a handy matt black eraser piece on one end and is sharpened on the other. The Black Knight pencil is often perceived as a premium, higher end, style of branded pencil and so proves to be very popular with real estate businesses, hotels, estate agents, and financial companies.
Contour Argent Pencil 


The Contour Argent mechanical pencil is a member of the most popular promotional pen family here in the UK, the contour brand is a favourite to millions of promotional pen lovers each year which is why we now offer a quality mechanical pencil housed inside the iconic contour body shape. With a larger print area than the majority of our branded mechanical pencil’s it’s no wonder the Contour Argent Pencil is one of our most popular promotional pencils for our customers to apply their logo and company contact details onto.
FSC Wooden Pencil 
When it comes to environmentally friendly pencils, the FSC wooden pencil is a popular choice as these FSC accredited pencils help save our forests! FSC stands for the Forest Stewardship Council, the FSC is an international non-profit organisation who are dedicated to ensuring the responsible management of our world’s forests. Any product that carries the FSC logo means that it has been certified by the FSC as coming from forests that meet with the Forest Stewardship Council principles. The FSC Wooden Pencil is most definitely a popular choice when it comes to a low cost, environmentally friendly printed pencil!
Mini NE Pencil 
The Mini NE Pencil provides a mini promotional pencil without an eraser that is half the size of our standard range of pencils. Available in a range of 10 stock body colours the mini pencil was designed to suit a huge range brand guidelines. The Mini NE Pencil is very popular with golf courses, driving ranges, hotels, kid’s clubs, and for organisations looking to produce branded pencils on a small budget.
Standard WE Pencil 
The original, best selling, pencil with eraser is available in a variety of stock colours and fitted with silver ferrules and a corresponding coloured eraser based on the high gloss coloured barrel finish that suits your brand guidelines. We can now even offer a three-day express delivery service when ordering the Standard WE pencil with one spot colour print which is perfect for those last minute branded pencil requests.
If you are producing a range of your own branded pencils to giveaway at your next event, why not have some interesting pencil facts to tell your customers and prospects as you hand over your printed pencil!
For example, did you know it has been said that the average pencil can draw a line 35 miles in length! nobody has yet tested this but why not take one of our company branded pencils and put it to the test!
Looking for some more fun pencil facts, check out The History of Pencils
We hope the above overview of our most popular promotional pencils has provided some helpful information for anyone that is looking for a little more inspiration when it comes to creating your personalised pencils branded with your company logo however if you need anymore information or would like some further ideas please get in touch as we have over 200 promotional pencils to choose from.