The Importance of Brand Consistency with Promotional Products

Think for a moment, do you know many people that actually believe that Domino’s pizza is the best value for money takeaway pizza you can buy?

And yet, every day, all across the country, millions of us order Domino’s pizza to our front doors even though for many of us there are other take away pizza stores in our local town offering pizza at a fraction of the price of Dominos and yet millions of us choose Dominos over another local pizza takeaway. Why is that?

The answer is consistency, always! It is human nature that whenever our brains sees a familiar logo that is a representation of a strong brand we immediately know what it is that we are going to be getting, we know when we walk into any McDonalds in the UK the menu is consistent, the colours are consistent, the uniform is consistent, we order in the same way, the taste is consistent, its familiar to us, and we are comfortable with that. This is why we would choose a provider with a strong brand that is familiar to us as opposed to a provider that we do not recognise. This is why strong brands invest huge amounts of time, effort, and resources into creating a consistent brand for their business to build trust and loyalty from their customers.

When it comes to producing promotional collateral, it is often so easily overlooked how easy it is to have a strict brand guideline in place that ensures that any physical marketing materials that are produced for your business have a consistent message, a consistent colour scheme, and consistent print colours.

When you are producing branded promotional products throughout the year to hand out to your customers or visitors at your next company event it is imperative that your printed company notebooks branded with your logo are printed with the same pantone ink colour that your company branded ballpens where printed with a few months earlier. What will not look great is if your company logo is one shade of green on your pens and another shade of printed green on your nice new notebooks. This is why consistency is key when it comes to your personalised promotional merchandise.

Keeping brand consistency with personalised promotional products is quite straight forward once you have the basics in place. First things first, it’s a good idea to send your promotional merchandise supplier a copy of your company branding guidelines or master vector logo files that your designer created for your business, this will save you time in the future when working on branded company marketing materials with your merchandise supplier as they can quickly produce on screen artwork visuals to give you a better idea of how a particular product could look once personalised with your company logo.

Here at IPS, whenever a company sends us across there company brand guidelines or master logo files and pantone colour references, these are stored on our secure servers with our customers permission so that each time we produce different printed giveaways personalised with a company logo our customers receive complete consistency across all of their company branded giveaways without the need to constantly be resending and approving logos and pantone colours with there account manager, this is all part of our commitment to be a total branding solution for our valued customers and to make the promotional products ordering process as easy and hassle free as possible so that our customers can focus on growing there businesses.